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Every Business is facing reality with provision of Internet and Intranet accesses, security of it’s network, provision of web and mail. Usage of mentioned services is usually related to usage of complex integration and settings under combination of Unix/Linux and Windows Operating Systems. It requires System Administrators, which are well prepared and trained in those specifics and software configuration. At the same time Internet Control Server will provide you with most or even all of the necessary features and programs to run your Business with minimum investments and low TCO (total cost of ownership); ICS is build with security and stability in mind based on FreeBSD 8.x Operating System – one of the most reliable Operating Systems at the moment. 

Benefits at a glance:

  • Centralized Internet Gateway integration solution
  • Routing, proxy, traffic accounting, user access rights, web, mail, ftp server, VPN etc
  • Intuitive web-management browser interface
  • Reliable and secure FreeBSD Unix platform
  • Remote support and management
  • Low integration cost and TCO 

ICS for office users:

  • Secure access to allocated Internet and Intranet resources with Antivirus and AntiSpam on-the-fly
  • Centralized document access and workflow over FTP, File, Web and Mail servers build into ICS
  • No office business time wasted accessing Internet based entertainment, social networks etc…

ICS for Company Management:

  • Real-time user’s activity supervision, web traffic screening and content filtering, online reporting
  • Flexible management of company IT resources, quotas and features resulting in “ time to profit”
  • Powerful, robust and secure UNIX managed easily from web-interface with minimum IT skills

ICS for Decision-takers:

  • All-in-one Secure Unix-based Internet gateway with many features build-in
  • Build-in intrusion detection and Leakage Protection systems, File, Web, Antivirus and AntiSpam, Mail, Proxy, Traffic reporting, secure VPN in one box
  • One time investment in all needed secure and robust IT features and requirements with low TCO