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The Internet can offer many positive educational and social benefits to young people, but unfortunately there are risks too.  Whether knowingly or unknowingly, children and young people are vulnerable and may be exposed to danger when using the Internet in the classroom. Supervision of internet accesses for our children is not a convenience or social responsibility any more, but rather necessity which we all are facing in the global informational web.

Working closely with teachers and schools, ICS developers come out with a comprehensive set category-based filtering rules giving students safe access to the Internet.  Designed originally for education, it out-performs commercial web filters in educational use, and gives you control over what students can view. 

Benefits at a glance:

  • Category-based filtering means websites could be restricted based on students’ class group e.g. 'primary', 'middle' or 'secondary' schools.  'Staff' and 'library' profiles give greater access to teachers or public library users
  • Emergency controls let you block & unblock sites quickly. Teachers provided with local control to manage access right in their classroom
  • Web content filtering and multimedia content delivered using one device
  • Being a plug-and-play, little or no configuration is needed.  Furthermore, the user friendly, web-based interface reduces the time you spend administering the box

ICS for the safety of our children:

  • Build-in and pluggable category-based harmful content filtering
  • Build-in transparent AntiVirus and AntiSpam filters for safe browsing and emails
  • Automatic traffic allocation, filtering, quota support, reporting and accounting under one flexible web interface

ICS for the educational process:

  • Build-in File, Web and mail servers for internal/external school projects, reports and workflow
  • Build-in Photo Gallery Application for School events, Wikipedia for school knowledge-base, Forum for collaborative approach and interaction in between students, parents and teachers online
  • Secure Web Server and VPN for tutors and parents for access provision to school resources & billing information

ICS for School Management:

  • Intuitive user-friendly web interface for management and resource allocation
  • Secure access from anywhere in the world to internal School resources (VPN, SSL)
  • Piece of mind protected by secure and robust Unix-based Internet Gateway