We felt a serious luck of free and affordable Internet Classifieds for everyone in UAE. Existing boards charging each and everyone as far as they grow in popularity, closing free advertisement gap for many in sensitive categories like Real Estate, Motors, even Jobs and etc…

So we come up with a completely fresh project which offers free advertisement for any category, free registration, available for personal and corporate use, provide convenient navigation, complete social sharing and authorization integration, points system and many more features!

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Feel free to post , advertise and share your posts with friends and colleagues via variety of social integration available (around 150 social networks integrated) for each advertisement!

The bonus program for a limited time is there - post and receive 10 points for each advert posted on your account!

Register your company, post and let everyone know about it and get 100 bonus points!

As far as it is a community oriented service, we would be happy to hear any comments and suggestions here!