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Unix Linux - Unix / Linux services

Apart from OS and hardware support the following services could be provisioned, troubleshooted or maintained on any Unix platform, to give brief idea, but not limited to:

  • Mail Servers, secure Mail servers and mail relays;
  • Relational Databases;
  • DHCP, DNS and LDAP;
  • SIP and IP telephony;
  • FTP and Samba;
  • Apache and PHP;
  • SSL certificates and full Certification Authority;
  • Load Balancing of Web and Application Servers;
  • Replication, file synchronization and backup;
  • Vulnerability and penetration assessment;
  • VPNs and secure channels;
  • Data Leakage Protection and IDS;
  • Proxy and content filtering;
  • Traffic screening and accounting;
  • more...