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Mocet IP3072

Among IP3000 phones, the IP3072 is a special one which has been built-in with multiple powerful processors and supports multimedia features to upgrade phone to higher productivity and enriched features level. It can perform not only multiple concurrent line/calls, but also music or video playback, streaming video, IP surveillance, instant messages, emails and more. Besides, it can offer the access and control to XML-based apps running in a remote server. Therefore, IP3072 is pretty matching with the demand of unified communications for new generation IP-PBX or Hosted PBX.

The MOCET IP3072 supports android-like interface for easy-use by users. It supports six lines and 24 call appearances to satisfy the executive business users. Utilizing a next generation resistive touch 4.3" LCD screen and capacitive sensitivity smart-phone-like control panel design, the touch-based user interface simplifies even the most complicated calling features. The IP3072 can be positioned at three tilt angles with a wall mount option, as well as it has a built-in two ports Gigabit Ethernet switch with Class 2/3 power over Ethernet (PoE) support, and eight programmable keys. The IP3072 can be automatically provisioned from a local or Internet based server using the built-in MOCET auto-provisioning and management protocols.

It supports HD acoustic and laud speakerphone for hands-free application and also wideband quality audio to handset and headset users. Besides, an IP-EHS box can be an option that can connect with an external wireless Blue tooth headset for mobility in office. And also an IP-EDMX extended dial module accessory can be connected to IP3072 to increase more powerful programmable features and BLF/SLA status monitoring and control.

Full specs for Mocet IP 3072 are here