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Support and maintenance

You will be provided with free technical support throughout the period of testing and fine tuning of your Internet Control Server installation. The duration of free support is maximum 2 weeks from onsite deployment date. All further queries could be treated either by onsite visits or remote administration agreement.

You can easily reach using variety of contact information during business hours, however it is recommended you forward your queries with complete description of your problem to the following email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Our response time is within two working days from the receipt of the query.

For future reference, should any questions on how to operate the server arise, kindly refer to the user manual which details the entire process of installation, setup and operation of the system. Additionally, prior to contacting our technical support we recommend you read through Frequently Asked Questions and verify the version of the program (it is possible an update of the system will be required). During the consultation these steps will enable you to properly describe the problem and understand the explanations of our experts. Should it happen the problem is related to the functional errors of the server itself, all kinds of queries are welcome.

Alternatively you can use one of our online forms for reporting server problems. You can acquire instant advice or help from one of our specialists via Skype ID: intouch.ae.support

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We can also guide you through the setup of Internet Control Server. By consulting one of our specialists you can choose the most optimal option suitable for you. These are the examples of incidental service and remote administration.

Incidental Service

After the expiration of the duration of free technical support or if the problem could not be resolved through consultations and remote support the adjustment of ICS setup is performed by our specialists onsite for a fee. You will have to contact us or send in a written request reporting the problem and server’s IP address. Setup of your server will be done as soon as possible and the chargeable fee will be calculated based on the time consumed onsite.

Remote Administration

In order to receive enhanced technical support and regular system upgrades for one year you can purchase a contract for remote administration. Remote administration of ICS is usually sought by those companies who prefer to leave the setup and server support to our specialists.

Enhanced technical support is a priority based support provided to your company including server setup in accordance with individual requirements, guaranteed solution of all arising problems within the mentioned deadlines, ability to track server status, timely reports of actions and alerts to administrator, information on new system upgrades.

Aside from that, enhanced technical support also includes regular free upgrades of our product which allows the user to receive newer versions of the program with updated features.

Remote administration is done via secure SSH and HTTPS protocols. Addresses of the servers which are involved in system support have to be added to ICS firewall / Router to ensure access. Confidentiality of accessed information is guaranteed by the conditions of the signed contract.