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Technical FAQ

PC does not boot from the burned CD-ROM! What should I do?

There are two possible reasons: you forgot to setup an option in BIOS to boot the system from CD-ROM drive or the ISO image is burned incorrectly onto the disk. Windows along with WinRAR open ISO image as simple archive. If you copy the files from it onto the disk then it will not be installation CD-ROM. Open ISO image using a program that recognizes it, for example Nero Burning ROM.

After installing the system I get “Missing operating system” message.

 Go to BIOS settings and setup LBA mode for the hard drive where the ICS was installed.

Can I run other applications on the server where ICS is installed?

 It is extremely not recommended. ICS is a balanced system that performs a large but limited set of functions: security, accounting, access management. After adding a new component, ICS needs to be thoroughly tested. For those reasons ICS management interface does not provide possibility to install and run other programs on the server.

Can ICS be used to retrieve statistics from Cisco?

 In corporate networks where routing is done through Cisco Systems ICS can be used as a device collecting statistical data about traffic. Using ICS as billing system on the data provided by Cisco Systems router you can create reports on individual user’s traffic consumption; as well as manage access of all users connected by proxy, calculate traffic consumption overall, use corporate email server and other additional services provided by ICS. ICS receives information about Cisco Systems router configuration with the help of SNMP and data for calculating traffic through netflow mechanism.

At the moment ICS can process statistics of user traffic going directly through the server. In the near future we plan to introduce a function for gathering statistics from systems supported by NetFlow protocol, including Cisco Systems routers.

How do I access the system?

 Assuming IP address of the ICS is 

On any PC on your network launch any web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, and enter address http:// 


Login: root 

Password: 00000 

These are the default settings that should be correct unless they were changed. If you forgot your password, refer to the chapter “What should I do if I forgot the password to access the system?” 

Press the “Enter” key. 

What should I do if I forgot the password to access the system?

 Connect a monitor and a keyboard to the server or access the server through SSH.

 To access ICS Recovery Shell control panel insert password “recovery”. This is a default password that should be correct unless it was changed.

 Go to: Server Management.

 Go to: Passwords.

 Go to: Change password for web access.

 Insert new password for user “root” for web access.

 Repeat the password.

How to create users?

 Internet access in ICS is provided to users. In order to grant internet access to any PC, the following actions need to be performed.

 In module “users” click “add” and insert the user’s name. You can also add login and password for that user which will give him a possibility to access the server remotely through VPN and browse the internet with that login and password.

 Authorization by login/password

 After creating a user with an assigned login and password he can access the internet by changing his web browser settings to proxy server: and port: 3128.

 While trying to access internet, ICS will request the user to provide his login and password. This is called “authorization by login/password”.

 Warning! In case of this type of authorization the user will not be able to run ICQ, email, client-bank and other programs that don’t work through HTTP protocol.

 Authorization by IP

 The most common way of authorization is by IP address.

 In order to give a user an IP address you need to click his name in module “users” and a page with his detailed information will appear. In IP address tab click “add” and insert an address assigned to that user.

How do I check if internet is available?

 You need to go to module Network Utilities (ping, trace, dns, whois, dump, netstat (2.3), ifconfig (2.3)) and check if it pings.

How do I deny user’s access to the internet?

 In order to deny a user from accessing a particular internet host or port it is necessary to create a rule. To do that you need to go to profile of a user or a group of users whose access you want to deny and open the tab “Rules and restrictions” and choose option “Add > Rule”.

While creating a rule you can specify destination address, destination port and connection protocol. Destination address can be a host’s name, IP address or IP range in address/prefix format.

How do I check user statistics sorted by volume?

 Go to user management.

 Click user’s name whose statistics you want to check.

 Open “Statistics” tab.

 Open “Detailed statistics” tab.

 Open statistics options choose sort by size.

 Click save and refresh.

How do I set same rule for several groups?

 You need to create an access profile and set it for the desired groups and/or users.

Access profile is a list of access rules set up for a number of users who are not necessarily part of the same group and whose access needs to be limited to specific resources. To create access profile:

 Go to user management/access profiles.

 Choose the type of desired profile (http or ipfw)

 Add a new profile and create a list of rules for that profile. It is done in the same way as creating a list of rules for an individual user.

 To set up access profile for a group or user:

 Go to user management.

 Click user’s name.

 Open tab “http rules” or “ipfw rules”.

 Choose a profile from the list of access profiles.

 Choose where to insert the chosen profile in the list of already assigned profiles and rules.

 Click “add profile”.

Why can’t a user access internet?

 Authorization by IP is on and the user does not have a fixed IP on the PC that he is using:

 Go to user management;

 Click the user’s name;

 Open IP address tab;

 Check if the IP address of the user’s PC is added to the list of IP addresses.

 Firewall rules generator is off:

 Go to system settings/firewall;

 Click “switch on generator”;

 Click “generate”.

 Authorization by login/password is on and user’s web browser settings are not set to use proxy server; or wrong login/password was entered.

 System is configured to authorize through domain controller and authorization program is not launched on user’s PC. If the authorization program’s icon in the right lower corner of the desktop is red check if an account has been created in the system for that user.

 Faulty Local Area Network or external connection of ICS; or your internet service provider is having problems in which case more than one user should be unable to access the internet.

Why do web pages load but ICQ does not work?

 Authorization is set by proxy on the basis of login/password but the user does not have a fixed IP on the PC that he is using:

 Go to user management;

 Click the user’s name;

 Open IP address tab;

 Check if the IP address of the user’s PC is added to the list of IP addresses.

How can a group of users be denied the ability to download video files?

 Go to user management.

 Click the desired group.

 Open the http rules tab.

 Fill in the form “add access rule to the list of http access rules” Rule: .*\.avi$|.*\.mpеg$|.*\.mpeg4$|.*\.mpg$|.*\.mvi$

 You can add other file formats using .*\.file_extension$


Various file formats are separated from each other

 Access: denied

 Add to: top

 Click “add rule”.

How to set a speed limit for a group of users?

 Go to user management.

 Tick the users for whom you want to set a speed limit.

 In the Multiple operations field at the bottom of the page tick “Change the channel’s speed”.

 In the field on the right define the speed in bytes per second.

 Click “set parameters”.

How to reboot the system remotely?

 Go to system settings/configuration.

 Click “reboot”.

 Here you can also schedule a reboot on a certain date and time.

How to install updates?

 ICS automatically checks for availability of new updatesand if there are any you will see the following alert while accessing the web interface:

 Update module shows availability of updates and their readiness for installation. It also displays history of ICS versions which allows you to check what functions and corrections are included in the new update.

 Installing updates

While accessing update module ICS will check for available updates. If there are any updates found there will appear a download button allowing you to download the updates. Once the update is downloaded there will appear an option to install it. During the installation the server will stop all its network services, install new components and reboot.

 Automatic download of updates and beta versions

 If you want to avoid manually checking for and downloading updates you can set up ICS to automatically download updates. To enable that go to Settings tab and tick “automatically download updates”. You can also define the period of download. If you want to be aware of all new system functions and test those before the official release tick “download experimental versions”.

Warning! You have to remember that some new functions in beta versions may not work correctly so use this function at your own risk.

During authorization, the information is taken from a local database or from a directory?

 Logins are taken from local database, passwords from Active Directory

Can ICS switch between two providers if one of them fails to connect?

 ICS automatically switches between providers. If the main provider fails to connect, a reserve one is automatically accessed.

If access to regional resoseparate rules for those addresses?urces is not billed by providers (i.e. free within the city), can we create separate rules for those addresses?

  ICS allows you to configure and add unlimited number of separate non-billed subnets.

Can we assign black listed websites to users and groups since we have denied access to around 5000 various porn, multimedia and recreational resources?

 Provided by rejik. You can create lists of undesirable or trusted websites in ICS. Those lists are compatible with the lists of rejik.

Can a quota be set for a group of users without having to set one for each user in the group individually?

 Quotas can be set for each user individually and for an entire group.