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My remote site have slow Internet connection - what should I do to ensure Internet traffic pass my local connection and not remote, when connected over VPN to my ICS?

In VPN connection settings of your remote client click -> Properties, Networking, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (properties, advanced), in IP settings un-check "Use default gateway on remote network" as on the screenshot above. This will ensure the traffic passes your current connection.


I need to make sure Internet traffic for my kid (studying in Sabis schools network)  is allowed from 21:00 to 23:00 daily with all-the time access to school resources online as well as Friday and Saturday is fully allowed.  How can I achieve it?

  • Login to ICS as Administrator;
  • Click on users and select user assigned for your child;
  • Navigate to Rules and restrictions pane;
  • Add-> blocking rule as below:

Adding blocking ICS rule

  • Add permitting rule as below:


  • Add daily time limits as below: