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Successful business needs accurate control of all of its components. The Internet connection control is as important part of risk management procedures. Our solutions provides: complete and accurate traffic accounting, precise user access controls, network firewall, content filtering, secure electronic mail server, secure VPN access to the intranet all build into a single software product. We can work out individual solutions of billing, network service delivery, security and other networking services required by your business.

Software programming Complex of "Internet Control Server"

Award winning ICS can be installed on any PC turning it into a powerful internet gateway for the organization.  ICS is an interrelated router, proxy-server, traffic accounting system and control of access rights and many others. ICS covers all the needs of an organization to work with the internet.

Basic functions of Internet Control Server:

Network Protection:

Firewall (network translation of NAT addresses), antivirus for HTTP-traffic, VPN connections between offices and remote users, Intrusion Detection System and Data Leakage Protection.

Set of Intranet and Internet Services:

File, Web, Mail, FTP servers and much more are centrally combined and managed under one user-friendly intuitive web-interface. 

Traffic supervision and reporting:

Internet traffic accounting and reporting are to achieve more control. Content filtering provides on-the-fly Antivirus as well as ability to allow/deny resources.

Protection from inside-out and vise-versa:

Always-on reliable Unix Gateway/Firewall as well as secure provision to Corporate resources from anywhere in the world.  

Hardware Support:

Support of widest variety of hardware - from software raids and journalized file system to Asterix VoIP boards and specialized network devices.