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IT support

Our IT support services and managed services offering can ensure the optimal and continual operation of your computers, network, desktops and entire Information Technology infrastructure and technical environment. 

As a leading IT support company, our comprehensive technical support services and solutions help to protect your often sizable investments in technology and ensure the continual operation and optimization of all devices within your organization. 

For a fixed one-time, monthly or annual fee and flexible schedule, we can ensure predicate IT results, guaranteed server stability and service request response times for your Head-Office, Branch, Data center or Disaster Recovery site. 

In addition, our services can frequently enhance your employee’s satisfaction with their daily use and interaction with technology. 


 Some of our most popular service offerings include: 

  • Network Design; Installation and Implementation Services
  • Network Design and Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Microsoft; Cisco, RedHat Linux, Solaris and AIX Consulting Services
  • Internet Services configuration assessment and altering
  • Network Cabling, Router and Switch Installation and configuration
  • SAN/NAS Storage Solutions
  • Information Technology, Security and vulnerability assessments and IT Auditing

Technical Support Services 

  • Network, Server and Desktop Monitoring Services
  • Managed Servers, Desktops and Software Applications
  • Help Desk for Windows; MAC, Linux, AIX and Solaris Operating Systems
  • Hosting and Support of your Email and Web Servers 

Office Support Services 

  • On-Site and Remote Support (Based in the United Arab Emirates)
  • Proactive and Preventative Maintenance to include Industry Standard Policies and Procedures
  • Managed Firewalls, Routers, Devices and VPN's
  • Antivirus and AntiSpam services 

Disaster Recovery Planning and Solutions:  

  • Disaster Recovery Planning; Auditing and Inventory Reporting
  • Online Backups and recovery;
  • Data Center Relocation; Co-location Services and Solutions
  • Server; Desktop Virtualization 


  1.  Certified Engineers. All team members have many years of practical IT support experience and are equipped with all of the necessary skills sets and tools to maintain, monitor, manage, support and repair your technical infrastructure and computers. What makes us different from other organizations within our industry is this combination of people, experience, tools and best practices processes. Working in unison, these allow us to be more responsive, offer the best customer experience and be held more accountable for our actions by our customer(s). Lastly, we offer the marketplace an innovative approach that ensures predictable IT results.
  2. Computer Repair. As computer Repair Company, we utilize a variety of proven methodologies as well as several industry best practices to respond to a computer repair request, or computer troubleshooting a quick and easy process. Our substantial investment in people, processes and technology allows us to provide the highest levels of on-site or remote computer repair possible. Furthermore, our innovative approach to supporting organizations eliminates many of the issues you may be experiencing with a traditional IT support offering.
  3. Computer Support. We can provide your company with professional computer support services via our team. Every member of our team has at least ten years of practical hands-on experience and can quickly resolve your technical issues in the least amount of time. Each technical support person assigned to you account is equipped with the latest tools and application to help them fix your issues as quickly as possible.
  4. Hosted Mail and Web Services - we are providing hosted mail and web services with Antivisrus and AntiSpam.
  5. IT Consulting - as a leading IT consulting company, our affordable IT consulting services and tech consultants can help your company to to maximize your investments in technology as well as help ensure the continued optimization and operation of your IT infrastructure. 
  6. IT Support as an IT support company that offers a wide selection of services. We can offer a cost-effective alternative to the utilization of internal Information Technology resources. Also, our IT support offering can address many of the issues and concerns with level of service and responsiveness you may be experiencing with your current tech support provider.
  7. Network Design and Network Installation - we offer a comprehensive selection of professional network design and network implementation services to help support your business.
  8. Network Solutions. Our computer network solutions offer your small or mid-size industry leading computer networking services that are provided by a team of computing experts that leverage the latest computer network tools and applications.
  9. Network Support Plans and Documentation. We offer an innovative network support plans and solutions; ensure fast response times in addition to guaranteed network stability, performance and optimization.
  10. Network Support Services. We offer a comprehensive selection of dedicated network support services to manage, monitor and maintain your technology investments and computer networks.