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Corporate VOIP Billing System

December 2015, Dubai, UAE

We are happy to confirm development finilization of online Corporate VOIP Billing system for Asterisk with following features:

  • Per customer billing based on customer PINs and extentions.
  • Rates import & export.
  • Support of peak and off-peak Provider rates.
  • Combining of all customer extentions in 1 bill.
  • Extensions activation and deactivation.
  • Per customer PIN generation and assignment.
  • Per-second, per-customer and per-extension billing.
  • etc...

Corporate Business Center IT

October 2015, Abu Dhabi, UAE

In cooperation with our partners - 4Front Consultants, Intouch FZE have finilized IT and Network security infrastructure for entire CBL Corporate Business Center, Abu Dhabi. 



Hotline UAE Classifieds

Dubai, February 24, 2015


We felt a serious luck of free and affordable Internet Classifieds for everyone in UAE. Existing boards charging each and everyone as far as they grow in popularity, closing free advertisement gap for many in sensitive categories like Real Estate, Motors, even Jobs and etc…

So we come up with a completely fresh project which offers free advertisement for any category, free registration, available for personal and corporate use, provide convenient navigation, complete social sharing and authorization integration, points system and many more features!


Virtualised office ;)

September, 2014, Dubai, UAE


For September we make sure to provide our Partners - "4Front Consultants" with complete Intouch virtualised solution for their Headquarters in Dubai. Solution is based on VMWare Hypevisor, running Internet Control Server, Fax and Owncloud (File syncronisation and group-workflow) servers and ready-made for future expansion of other Operating systems under same virtual platform. Integration also include SIP based telephony solution, IVR, "Follow me", mobile and VPN extentions and provisioned with SNOM IP phones. Hardware is based on relibility-proven Dell R710 platform.






SIP PhoneBook

August 15, 2014, Dubai, UAE


Intouch is happy to confirm developing of it's own XML-based PhoneBook for Cisco 5XX phones (501, 502, 504, 514 etc...) and integration with Internet Control Server (as a web-xml-server) and InTouch SIP-enabled office phone packages. Solution allows implementation and usage of enterprise-wide Phonebook with unlimited records for local extentions and external numbers, managed from one browser interface console. All the records in PhoneBook are immediately accessibe on all Cisco phones and endusers are able to search and browse entries right from Cisco Phone interface. Solution will be extended and standartized to use other brands like SNOM, Mocet, GrandStream, Polycom etc...

cisco xml phonebook


BG Legal Website


July 2014 Dubai and Moscow

Intouch finalized long-waited design and implementation of brand new website for BG Legal Solutions - a Legal Consulting Company in Moscow, Russia. Feel free to visit and evaluate the outcome - www.bglegal.ru.

BG Legal Solutions is one of the leading innovative Legal companies in Russia, specializing in Labor and Property Law of Russian Federation.

BG Legal Solutions